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Local authorities throughout Europe are in the process of developing their Local Area Biodiversity Plans in order to meet our obligations under the UN Biodiversity Convention. A key element in selling the idea of the LBAPS to the general public is the delineation of a county Econet (ecological network) which attempts to link together all the major habitats groupings of special conservation significance in the county.

Two further elements have major educational/recreational potential to advance awareness of local ecological networks. These are (1) the establishment of a series of educational nodes within the Econet – EcoNodes – that will allow people physically and intellectually to explore the concept and experience its magic. (2) The second element is the development of exploration routes that will link these EcoNodes with existing walking routes, extending them where appropriate in order to enhance the capacity of the routes to further the aim of increasing awareness and appreciation of biodiversity within a broader cross-section of the community.

The Slieve Bloom Rural Development Society has now established five EcoWalks at five key locations in Slieve Bloom in collaboration with Coillte and the local communities.

e-mail info@slievebloom.ie    Telephone +353 86 2789147    Fax + 353 05791 37299



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